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Let’s Change the Subject – Ten Ways to Spruce Up Your Email Subject Lines

Nov 16, 2021 9:34:45 AM / by Abbigail Madden

When you’re sending an email, the subject line is the first and more than likely, the last thing your recipient reads.  

So, when creating your business emails, crafting your subject lines should be more than an afterthought! In fact, you should strategically word your subject lines to bolster the content in the body of your email.  

In this article, we provide ten ways to make your subject lines more engaging in order to increase your open rates! 

Ten Suggestions for Subject Lines 

Provide Information 

If you are crafting an email that is informational in nature, you’ll want your subject line to follow suit. Consider pulling out your most important piece of information and putting it in your subject line. 


  • Sales Email Webinar: January 5th 
  • Our Newest Product Is Here! 
  • Join us in Ohio on May 20th 

Get Personal 

When an email is personalized to the recipient, they are more likely to actually read and retain the content. Using email personalization tools that insert the contact’s name, company, or location is a great way to make your subject line pop. 


  • John, Let’s Schedule a Time to Chat 
  • Nice to Meet You and the MFH Properties Team! 
  • See You in Richmond, Kate 

Create Urgency 

Creating a sense of urgency is a proven sales tactic that can be applied to emails. You can create an illusion of loss by providing a sense of urgency in the subject line to compel the reader to action. 


  • This Week Only: 50% Off Your Total Purchase 
  • Don’t Miss Out on This Deal 
  • 5 Days Left to Enroll 

Make a Joke or Pun 

If you are sending a more casual email, a great way for your subject line to stand out is with a joke or a pun. These subject lines can break up the monotony of formal emails and make your message more desirable to  read. 


  • Baby Got Feedback, Let Us Know How We’re Doing 
  • Trick or Treat? Let’s Find Out!
  • Let’s Get Married... or Something? 

Keep It Short 

Remember, your subject lines shouldn’t be long and cumbersome. Sometimes, a two- or three-word subject line will do the trick in grabbing your readers’ attention. 


  • We’ve Missed You!
  • Checking In 
  • Let’s Connect 

Ask a Question 

Asking a question in your subject line is a great way to get the recipient involved in your email before they’ve even opened it. They will subconsciously formulate an answer – which will keep your company top of mind for the recipient, even if they don’t read the body of the message. 


  • Are You Maximizing Your Email Marketing’s Potential? 
  • Have You Heard of SalesMail? 
  • Do You Use Video in Your Marketing Emails? 

Be Trendy 

You can pull a recipient’s attention to your email by referencing a cultural phenomenon that they are familiar with. By paying attention to trending videos, movements, and phrases, and using those trends in your email subject lines, you can connect to your recipients  in a timely and relevant manner that extends beyond your business.  


  • Swipe Right on Us! 
  • You Can’t Get This on Amazon 
  • It’s a Bones Day – Treat Yourself 

Use Buzz Words 

If you are in a specific industry, paying attention to buzz words can make or break the successes of your email subject lines. By familiarizing yourself with certain terminologies, you can appeal directly to that market and highlight how you are satisfying their needs. 


  • Speed Up Lead-to-Lease with This App! 
  • We Can Help with Complex CC&Rs 
  • Assisted Living or Independent Living? We’ve Got You Covered! 

Try Out Statistics 

Using statistics from credible sources is a great way to provide your reader with cool, objective facts related to your message. Using statistics in your subject line can create a sense of intrigue and increase the desire to read more. 


  • 91% of People Access Their Emails Once per Day 
  • Increase Email Clickthrough Rates by 200% with Video
  • 5,000 Members Strong – Join Our Community 

Provide an Offer 

People are always looking for something discounted or free. If you have the capacity to offer a deal of some kind to your recipient, you should. By providing your offer up front in the subject line, they will be pulled in by the potential for that discount.  


  • Get Your 30-Day Free Trial 
  • Win a 4k TV! 
  • Download Your Free Guide Today 

In Summary 

Creating engaging subject lines shouldn’t be a daunting task – but it should not be an afterthought either. You should use some of these suggestions, or combinations of a few, to breathe new life into your email subject lines.  

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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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