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Get Social with SalesMail Contest Winners!

Jun 19, 2023 8:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

Utilizing videos is a widely recognized approach to attract attention on social media platforms. It's a medium that can effectively communicate information in a way that is both engaging and easily digestible, surpassing the limitations of traditional text or graphics.

Last month, we invited all SalesMail users to Get Social with SalesMail, by posting their SalesMail videos to social media. The results? Astonishing!

Our users did a fantastic job utilizing the tips from this blog, to maximize the effectiveness of their SalesMail videos on social media. Keep reading to see who the top five winners were!

See the Winners Now!

(In no particular order)

Mary-Bethany Covella - The Blake at Carnes Crossroads

Janet MacKay - Exton Senior Living

Tammie Sampedro - Clearwater Newport Beach

Mandy Ketcham - Highgate Senior Living Yakima

Payal Sharma - Integral Senior Living

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Mary-Bethany Covella

Director of Sales at The Blake at Carnes Crossroads

Mary-Bethany posted this SalesMail to her LinkedIn page. We love this video for SO many reasons. The production value alone is incredible! *Chef's Kiss*

Mary-Bethany has mastered the art of creating SalesMail videos that are incredibly entertaining while also being informative! With 50+ engagements on social media and nearly 300 video views, we can all agree that this SalesMail is a winner!

Check out Mary-Bethany's social media copy and SalesMail video below!

"Come be our Guest for Lunch or dinner! We would be honored to serve you or your loved ones, here at The Blake in Carnes Crossroads!"

Janet MacKay

Community Relations Director at Exton Senior Living

Janet posted this SalesMail to her LinkedIn page. This SalesMail has such an important message - gratitude!

Janet's message truly resonated with us and her social media audience! Many members of her social media network left comments on her post agreeing with the message of her SalesMail. With 30+ engagements on social media and over 30 video views, we had to pick this SalesMail is a winner!

Check out Janet's social media copy and SalesMail video below!

"Mindset Shift “Tip of the Day” 🤔
Sales - digging out from under a pile of older leads - use your gratitude shovel, and take it step by step, lead by lead, call by call…..and do the do…. Why???? Because they haven’t had the gift of meeting YOU yet, and YOU may be the one who can provide the solution they are NOW looking for! 🧐😝🥰🤑
And if not, at least you are cleaning up a dusty database!🤧🤪
#mindset #salescalls #integracare #seniorliving #leads #salesmail #salestips #gratitide #automationsolutions #video #opportunityseeker"

Tammie Sampedro

New Community Specialist at Clearwater Newport Beach

Tammie posted this SalesMail to her LinkedIn page. This SalesMail social media post gives the viewer all the information they need!

Tammie's video does a great job of succinctly delivering some much needed information to the viewer. Anyone who see's Tammie's post will know exactly what they need to do to get a reservation. Also, a post like this does wonders on social media because it can be relevant for a prolonged period of time. With 40+ engagements on social media and nearly 100 video views, this SalesMail is a winner!

Check out Tammie's social media copy and SalesMail video below!


Clearwater Newport Beach Information Center NOW OPEN and taking reservations. SalesMail

Email me -
stop by -
2340 SE Bristol St. Newport Beach CA 92660


Mandy Ketcham

Community Relations Coordinator at Highgate Senior Living

Mandy posted this SalesMail to the Highgate Senior Living - Yakima Facebook Page. This SalesMail social media post is the perfect example for using SalesMail to promote your upcoming events!

Mandy's post invites viewers to attend their Lunch and Learn event. Mandy does a great job in her SalesMail video of telling the viewer about the guest speaker and what they can expect at the event. Also, her CTA to RSVP for the event is a smart idea to help her team estimate how many attendees they should expect. With great engagement on social media and over 20 video views, this SalesMail is a winner!

Check out Mandy's social media copy and SalesMail video below!

"Join us for a special presentation from Tamara Joy Lee, where she will discuss her journey with a brain tumor and how she survived with the help of family and friends.
Sunday, May 7th, 11:30 - 1:00. All guests will be able to create their own aromatherapy lotions and spritzers while learning about how Highgate uses aromatherapy as part of their holistic approach to care.
Lunch will be provided. 
SalesMail #HighgateYakima #LunchnLearn #HighgateOnPurpose #Leadership"

Payal Sharma

Director of Sales and Marketing for Integral Senior Living

Payal posted this SalesMail to The Groves of Tustin Senior Living Facebook page. We love this SalesMail for showing off so many members of the communities staff and residents!

Payal's post touches on why members of their staff love what they do. It's videos like these that truly highlight how incredible it is to serve others - especially in senior living. With great engagement on social media and over 150 video views, this SalesMail had to be a winner!

Check out Payal's social media copy and SalesMail video below!

"What is your why?
Each day our residents bring our staff so much joy. The lives they change by simply being them and giving our staff the opportunity to smile and make others smile is a gift in and of itself!
This is our why, we can still have a fun time but make sure our residents are taken care of.
After all, they don’t live where we work, we work where they live.

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Written by Abbigail Madden

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