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Best Practices for Getting Social with SalesMail!

Apr 19, 2023 7:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

Most people know that videos are a great way to grab attention on social media. Video is a medium that can quickly and clearly communicate a wealth of information in a way that is much more accessible and entertaining than a paragraph or graphic. However, not every social media platform is equipped with the data-tracking resources social media marketers desire. That’s where SalesMail can be an indispensable tool! 

Using SalesMail videos on social media is a great way to diversify your content mix with videos, increase interactivity with clickable social content, and inform you of your audience’s interactions with SalesMail’s engagement features.

Our users frequently ask us, “what’s the best way to post SalesMail to social media?”  

So, in this article, we detail the best practices for sharing SalesMail videos on your social media platforms.  

Keep in mind that the type of SalesMail you share to social media should either be: 

  • Intended as a one-to-many message (as opposed to a message intended for a single recipient) or...
  • A SalesMail that generated a great result for you, and one you want to share as an example for your social media followers. 

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Video Best Practices 

A great SalesMail starts with a great video. Let’s discuss some ways that you can ensure that your video message is of the highest quality before you deliver it to its intended audience. 

Lighting. A well-lit video is the hallmark of a great video. Try facing a window for some natural light or use a lamp or ring light in front of you to brighten the subject of your video. Avoid filming into a window or lamp light as it will blow out your subject and diminish the quality of your video. 

Background. When filming a SalesMail, especially one intended for a wide audience, ensure you have a clean and organized background. You want to be sure that whatever your viewers are seeing is exactly what you intend for them to see. 

Audio. The most important part of your video is the content you are delivering. If your audience cannot understand what you are saying, then you have missed the mark. Make sure you speak clearly into your microphone to maximize clarity. It will also serve you well to limit background noise such as air-conditioning, other people, traffic, etc. 

Looking Good in the Feed 

All SalesMails use the first three seconds of the video to create an animated GIF preview that displays in the recipient’s inbox. For social media, the featured image that renders in your follower’s feed uses the image from that preview. If you want your SalesMail to look good on social, it starts with your video’s first three seconds! 

Featured Image. The featured image that populates on social media for your SalesMail video comes from the first three seconds of your video; therefore, you should make those seconds count. Highlight something interesting like a location, signage, or showcase your face with a warm smile. However you populate those first three seconds, make sure it’s something that will catch your audience’s attention. 

Context Matters 

There is some content that performs better on social media than others. The success of your social post depends entirely on the position in which you frame it up. From the content of the video to the copy of the post associated with it – providing acute context will help your SalesMail succeed on social media. 

Video content. What content are you currently posting on social media? When is it a good idea to use a SalesMail? If you are looking to take advantage of SalesMail’s reporting capabilities, in addition to analytics provided by social platforms, then you should try using SalesMail for your social content. Here are some examples of SalesMails that would perform well on social media: 

  • Events – Are you hosting an event? Need RSVPs for the event? Use a SalesMail to fill your audience in on the details of the event while directing them to the SalesMail CTA button to RSVP.
  • Hiring – Invite your social media audience to apply for open positions with a SalesMail. In the video, provide the viewer with the details of the position while directing them to your contact card to email you their resumes. 
  • Virtual Tours – record short virtual tours to entice your audience to visit your community. Invite them to schedule an on-site tour with your CTA linked to your calendar.  
  • Announcements – Have a company-wide announcement that you’d like to share with your audience? Deliver it with SalesMail on social! Ask viewers to react or comment on your video to gauge their reception of your announcement. 

There are many uses for SalesMail on social media. Most of the content you are currently sharing could be shared via SalesMail providing you with more data, more opportunities for engagement, and more response options for your audience! 

Social Post Copy. The copy surrounding your SalesMail video is often just as important as the video itself. Your audience will be more likely to view your SalesMail if they have an idea of what they will be watching.  

  • Summarize your video – You should use the copy of the social post to tease the viewer of the content they are about to watch. They will feel more confident about clicking on your SalesMail video if they know the gist of the content they are about to watch.
  • Be direct – ask them to watch the video, tell them to click the CTA, invite them to contact you, etc. Providing an action and sense of urgency will elicit a greater response to your video.
  • Widen your reach – to reach a wider audience, use relevant hashtags. Hashtags allow you to reach individuals with similar interests who aren’t necessarily in your network. If you want your SalesMail video to reach beyond those following you, try using hashtags related to your video’s content and purpose.

Measuring Success 

Success of a post on social media varies depending on the platform it is posted to. It’s important to understand the success of your current social media content to inform future content. In the same vein, there is some content that performs better on one social platform than others. For example, a SalesMail video will perform well on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but would not render as well on Instagram or TikTok. Given this, let’s look at how each platform measures success. 

The following channels have algorithms that prioritize the following engagements: 

  • LinkedIn – reposts are the most important, followed by comments, clicks, and likes. Therefore, you should invite your audience to share your SalesMail posts to maximize the success of the post.
  • Facebook – comments are the most important, followed by shares and likes. Therefore, you should invite your audience to leave comments based on the content of your SalesMail video to increase the success of your social post. 
  • Twitter – retweets are the most important metric, followed by replies and likes. Therefore, you should encourage your audience to retweet your SalesMail video posts. 

When your posts perform well on social media, the performance of your SalesMail video will increase as well. In your SalesMail app you will see an increase in views, CTA clicks, reactions, comments, etc. Monitoring this will inform you of the number of individuals interacting with not only your social posts, but your videos as well. 


Using SalesMail videos on social media is a great way to diversify your content mix, increase interactivity, and inform you of your audience’s engagement.  

Following these best practices, you will find greater success with posting your SalesMails to your social media platforms. SalesMail has a wealth of versatility that extends beyond email and text messaging. Try posting a SalesMail on your social media channels today. 

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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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