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Virtual Tours Are Here to Stay

Mar 15, 2022 12:30:00 PM / by Abbigail Madden

Explore Unique Ways to Use Virtual Tours!

By now, everyone in the multifamily housing industry is using virtual tours for their properties. Whether that is via a 360-degree camera, Augmented Reality (AR) models, or video walkthroughs, virtual tours are a necessity to stay competitive. But with everyone using virtual tours these days, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition?  

Keep reading to find out three ways you can revamp your virtual tours!


#3 Try Multiple Media Types 

Most companies use one media type for their virtual tours. For each floor plan they will typically have either an AR model of the unit, a 360-degree camera walkthrough, a video walkthrough of a staged unit, or a photo gallery of a staged space. While each of these options shows off some aspects of the unit, potential residents might not feel confident with only one view of the space. 

You will find greater success if your location uses a combination of these options. Try pairing an AR model of a unit with a video walkthrough of a staged space. This will give the potential resident a feel for the floorplan while also giving them inspiration for how their belongings could function in that space. We recommend using at least two of these virtual tour options for open units so that potential residents have greater confidence in the look and layout of the units they are interested in! 

#2 Post Your Tours to Social Media 

As useful as websites like and are, it is also advantageous to put virtual tours on your social media channels. These days, the average person will check out a company's social media accounts before they even head to their official website. Use this prime real estate (wink wink) to flex YOUR prime real estate! 

Post video tours of your unoccupied units directly to your social media pages. Here, you have a unique opportunity to get fun and creative with your tours. Unlike the previously-mentioned real estate websites that require more structured virtual tours, on your social media accounts you can add personality and creativity to your videos. This personalization will make you stand out from the more standard, and often boring, virtual tours your prospects might come across. 

#1 Use Video Mail to Personalize the Process 

Using video mail to share virtual tours is a great way to personally showcase your property to an interested party without having to schedule a tour in person, conduct it live via video chat, or rely on the impersonal AR systems.  

When prospects request information about specific units or floor plans, instead of following up with an overly-produced virtual tour of a generic unit, property managers can send quick, natural virtual tours of specific units to prospective residents. Making a future resident feel like the process is personal will make them more likely to sign with your location. 

If you sell or lease property, whether that’s a residential or commercial space, video mail is essential for highlighting the features and specs of your space.  

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We want you to stay competitive by getting creative with your virtual tour content! Differentiate yourself from your competition by mixing your virtual tour media types, sharing creative virtual tours to social media, and sending personalized virtual tours with video mail.  


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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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