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Sprint to Success: Gamifying Your Sales Strategy

Jul 2, 2024 11:30:00 AM / by Tucker Tyree

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You’re neck and neck in the final lap, and with one last burst of speed, you cross the finish line first. The crowd erupts in cheers!

Imagine experiencing that same rush when you achieve your quarterly sales goals. This is the impact of gamification in sales - it's no wonder that 90% of employees find themselves more productive when their work is gamified.

What is Gamification: in simple terms, gamification involves making work more engaging with game-like elements such as points, rewards, and competition. This strategy can motivate your sales team, enhance their performance, and drive sales, ultimately boosting occupancy and rent revenue. It's a win-win!

Unlock Your Team's Potential: Learn how to break down sales targets into smaller, achievable milestones with exciting rewards, and see how these tactics can keep your sales team motivated and engaged.

Gamification for Sales Agents

Seller's Playground:

  • Mission Possible: As a boots-on-the-ground agent, gamification can make each new day feel like an adventure, turning mundane tasks into thrilling challenges. 
  • Daily Thrills: By breaking down sales targets into smaller, achievable milestones with rewards, you can create a clearer path to success. Each milestone reached earns a reward, making the overall goal feel more manageable and motivating.
  • Victory Lap: Whether your achievements are big or small, celebrating them can help maintain a positive outlook and keep you motivated. Try organizing mini-celebrations for reaching milestones, such as team lunches or small awards. This keeps the energy high and the team spirit strong.

Timed Tactics:

  • Calendar Quests: Create time-bound games that align with events or seasons.
  • Example: A 30-day challenge during a product launch where prospects complete quick tasks related to learning about the new product. This method helps sales agents use gamification to effectively motivate their customers.


Gamification for Companies

Optimizing Sales Performance: When sales agents are motivated, they are more likely to be proactive, creative, and persistent in their sales efforts. This leads to increased sales and productivity. You can optimize for motivated sales agents through incentives...

  • Incentive: Tiered Rewards for Continuous Improvement

Pathway to Rewards: Set up a system where sales teams have progressively challenging goals to achieve. Each goal achieved unlocks a new reward and sets the stage for the next target. For instance, meeting a monthly sales quota could earn a team dinner party, while hitting a quarterly target could result in a larger reward like an extra day of PTO. This keeps the sales team consistently motivated to push their limits.

  • Incentive: Collectible Badges and Level-Up Rewards

Level-Up Ladder: Create a system where individual salespeople earn badges for achieving specific milestones, like closing their first deal, hitting a sales target, or maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating. As they collect badges, they can also level up, with each level bringing new perks such as access to exclusive training.


Lift-Off with Leaderboards:

  • Top Team Tournament: Divide the sales team into smaller groups and set team goals. Teams can compete against each other to achieve the highest combined sales figures, the most improved performance, or the best customer feedback. Reward the winning team with group incentives like team-building activities, a special team dinner, or a shared bonus pool.
  • Scoreboard Smackdown: Pit your sales against competitors' estimates in a leaderboard comparison. This engaging tactic can build a strong team spirit and motivate everyone to boost overall sales.


Marketing Adventures to make your campaigns more effective

  • Gamified Customer Journeys: Create gamified customer journeys where customers earn points or rewards for engaging with marketing content, such as reading emails, visiting websites, or watching videos.
  • You've (Already) Played These Games: This gamified customer journey already exists. Some of you might have ‘played’ earlier today! Remember getting stars for your coffee purchase at Starbucks or Dunkin'? Gather enough points, and you get a free drink. That's the essence of gamification.


Knowing When to Hit Play or Pause for Gamification


  • Competitive Markets: In competitive markets, sales teams are often driven by the need to outperform rivals. Gamification taps into this competitive spirit, which can significantly boost motivation and engagement.

  • High Turnover Teams: Gamified systems ensure that all team members, regardless of their tenure, adhere to the same standards and processes, leading to more consistent performance across the team.

    Additionally, gamification can streamline onboarding by using interactive training modules and rewards to quickly get new hires up to speed. It also boosts retention by making work more engaging.

Pause Time  

  • Highly Personalized Sales Approaches: Personalized sales rely on building deep, qualitative relationships with clients, which are difficult to measure and gamify using standard quantitative metrics like calls made or deals closed. These unique client interactions often involve non-repetitive interactions tailored to individual client needs, which standard gamification metrics may not capture accurately.


Ready, Set, Play! 

  • Gamification can transform your sales approach, driving productivity and enthusiasm through engaging, game-like elements. By leveraging the thrill of competition and rewarding achievements, you can boost motivation, enhance performance, and ultimately increase revenue. With that being said, let the games begin!


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Written by Tucker Tyree

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