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How C-Level Execs Are Using Video in 2023

Mar 17, 2023 11:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

Studies show that 3 in 4 employees see effective communication as the number one leadership attribute. With the traditional work environment flipped upside down after the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have been challenged to find new ways to maintain effective communications with their team members.  

In fact, according to a study conducted by Gallup, 8 in 10 employees are working either entirely remotely or in a hybrid environment. With this new reality, it is more important than ever for employers to use more creative means for communicating with their employees. 

Great communication will help you retain employees and build a culture that is attractive to future hires as well.  

A simple, yet effective, solution for great communication in today’s work environment? Video Mail! 

Using video mail, leadership teams can send asynchronous video messages for their team members to watch on their own schedule as many times as they need to. 

Today, we’ve outlined four video mail use cases for team leaders to engage and inspire their teams (with video examples)! 

Meeting Follow-up 

Most team leaders send follow-up messages after lengthy meetings – even if it’s just a formality. These emails are often dry recaps of what was discussed, a list of action items, or even a shout-out or two. By sending recaps with video mail, however, you can invigorate your team to leave the meeting inspired and ready to get things done. With something as simple as an inviting tone and a smile, your meeting follow-up messages can change your team’s entire demeanor. 

Take a look at this video mail message from Christy Van Der Westhuizen, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Legend Senior Living. She has incredible enthusiasm and a clear dedication to giving the members of her team some much deserved appreciation after a series of meetings.  

Next time you send a follow-up message after a meeting, consider using video mail! 

Soliciting Feedback 

Feedback from your team is crucial for maintaining a positive and effective work environment. However, getting your employees to provide that feedback can be challenging. Using video mail, you’ll find that employees find it a lot harder to ignore a feedback survey if it is coming from a smiling face rather than from a black-and-white email. 

Take a look at this video mail message from Molly Beck, the Vice President of Sales at Bridge Senior Living. She has a wonderful camera presence, and this video is a great example for using SalesMail to solicit feedback from her team. It is clear that she cares about their opinions which will encourage more participation in the survey. 

Next time you reach out to your team members for feedback, consider using video mail! 

Team Appreciation 

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Whether it is a companywide shout-out, or a quick personal message , giving your employees the praise they deserve is one of the best ways to keep them on your team. Providing that praise via video is a great way to add a touch of personalization that truly makes those team members feel valued. 

Take a look at this video mail message from Judd Harper, the President of the Arbor Company. In this video, he shows a genuine appreciation for his team. It is not every day we see leadership teams so dedicated to their employees. A little bit of love for your employees goes a long way! 

Next time you want to give your team members a bit of appreciation, consider using video mail! 

Team Education 

Providing adequate educational messages for your team is easier said than done. Instead of boring your team with lengthy how-tos, you can provide them with short messages that give them the information they need to succeed. Making these shorter messages fun and entertaining will really help that information stick! 

Take a look at this video mail message from Robin Rinke, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Northstar Senior Living. She has an energy that is contagious! Educational messages can often be tedious or boring – but, if you send educationals like Robin, your team will love it. We also love the inclusion of other team members in the messaging. Nothing inspires motivation like seeing fellow employees who are also motivated! 

Next time you send your team some educational pieces, consider using video mail! 

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