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February 2023 SalesMail of the Month

Mar 2, 2023 8:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

February's SalesMail of the Month is here!

Check out this SalesMail from Emily James, Director of Sales & Marketing at Legacy Village of Stillwater.

Emily is a pro with SalesMail. She has the following SalesMail saved as a Favorite in the SalesMail app. She uses it as a follow-up for new leads who have scheduled a tour. This is a perfect example of a reusable SalesMail:

  • Inviting - Emily's camera presence is welcoming and jovial with clean audio.
  • Educational - Emily provides the recipient with details about what comes next and where to get more information.
  • All-Purpose - Emily sticks to second person language, allowing her to use this video for any pre-tour communications.
  • Beautiful - Emily has a clean background and good visuals that provides her an animated GIF preview that will stand out for her recipients.

Thank you Emily and the Legacy Village of Stillwater team for using SalesMail to make this awesome video. Watch Emily's SalesMail video down below!

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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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