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February 2022 SalesMail of the Month

Feb 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

SalesMail users across the country are always finding fun and fresh ways to use the platform. This video from Bridge Senior Living reaches new heights, and that's why it is our pick for February's SalesMail of the Month. Keep reading to check it out!

This SalesMail from Bridge Senior Living's Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kelly Ornberg, shows how you can use video mail to make team communications fun and personal!

In this SalesMail, Kelly is announcing the results of a company-wide "Go for the Gold" contest. Communicating with your team via video mail is a great way to make internal communications engaging and personal. Why send information in a regular email when you can send a video instead?

Kelly and Bridge Senior Living deserve a lot of praise for finding new and inventive ways to use SalesMail. Congratulations on your hard work!

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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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