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Capture That! Five Reasons You Should Use Video for Team Communications

Jul 12, 2021 9:04:22 AM / by Abbigail Madden

Video is an engaging and powerful way to communicate with your team. Using video allows management and team members to directly communicate with each other which will ultimately build stronger relationships and cut down on miscommunications brought on by plain-text communications, where tone is often difficult to convey and interpret.  

Below we’ve outlined five ways using video to communicate with your team will create a better company culture and ultimately increase your organization’s productivity. 

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Employee Spotlights 

Building employee morale can sometimes be more difficult than you think. A great way to establish how much you value your team is to give them the airtime! Share videos that spotlight new hires or your current employee’s wins, anniversaries, promotions, etc.! This will also be a great way for other employees to get to know other members of the company. 

Messages from the CEO 

Got exciting news to share with the whole company? Don’t type out a long email – share the news with a video. Your team would much rather watch a video of their boss delivering information than read a boring email. Not only that, but you’ll also see stronger relationships between upper management and the rest of the employees when you communicate news – big or small – via video rather than email. Emojis are fun, but nothing beats an actual smiling face!  

Share Your Story 

If you are all working for the same company, odds are you all believe in the vision of the organization. Use video to emphasize your company’s why. If all your employees understand your organization's purpose, they will be more committed to making that vision a reality. Nothing boosts productivity like a shared passion! 

Conferences and Social Events 

Conferences, workshops, and social events are all great opportunities to capture videos to share with your team. These fun videos are an awesome way to show employees the fun and engaging opportunities in your organization as well as recap what other staff are doing. Videos from these events could also serve as recruiting tools in the future! 

Educational Videos 

Video is a great way to pass on information – especially when dealing with complex tasks and industries. Instead of a training manual, opt for videos created by employees. This serves as a great opportunity for members of your team to speak from their experiences and share tips with the new team members. Bonus! Doing this could also save costs on other traditional training methods.  

Sending videos to your team just got a whole lot simpler with SalesMail

SalesMail is a market-leading branded video mail application that allows you to instantly record personalized video messages that you can send via email, text message, or through any of your other favorite messaging apps. With SalesMail, you instantly build trust, develop great relationships, and get responses faster. Here are a few more key reasons SalesMail is a hit for internal communications as well as with prospects:  

  • Get face-to-face when you cannot be there in person.   
  • Real-time reporting and analytics. 
  • Personalized to your brand imagery. 
  • Asynchronous video messages – watch when it’s most convenient!  
  • Expedite the sales cycle. 
  • Instant comments and reactions. 

As we have discussed, video is an essential tool for building more meaningful connections with team members and clients alike. By using an intuitive, light-weight application like SalesMail, you can send your team any message at any time in just a few simple clicks. To learn more about SalesMail, or to request a demo, click down below. 

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Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

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