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Transform Your Virtual Tours into Home Highlights - Boot Camp Basics Ep. 106

May 21, 2024 2:00:00 PM / by Tucker Tyree

"SalesMail Boot Camp Basics. Episode 106: Virtual Tours". Woman holding a smartphone while recording a virtual tour; blurred background of herself.

Embarking on your first virtual tour can feel a bit daunting, leaving you asking: where do I even start?

At the door, of course! 

Once inside, we're turning your virtual tours into captivating home highlights. We'll focus on engaging the senses to paint vivid pictures, creating future memories for your viewers, and mastering filming techniques for a smooth, professional finish. By the end, you'll be ready to transform your tours into stunning showcases that truly highlight the essence of a home.


Prep Like a Pro

Before you dive in and hit 'record,' there are some strategies that will enhance your video by making the process smoother and more engaging. You can start enhancing your video by opening up windows, creating a clean environment, and planning the path of your virtual tour before you even press record.

Let There Be Light:  
Start by harnessing the power of natural light. Open those windows to fill the space with natural light, transforming the space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Clean and Tidy:  
Ensure the environment is pristine and professional. Admittedly, this effort may not always be acknowledged. However, it’s important because a cluttered space is very noticeable. So, in this context, it’s better to be ‘unnoticed’! 

Plan Your Path:  
You've got just three minutes to make an impact, so it can be helpful to map out a thoughtful path through the home. Prioritize areas where residents spend most of their time, like a cozy living room or a balcony with a view.  

Mind the Doors: 
Intentionally keep some doors open for efficiency, but other doors closed for dramatic effect.  

  • Open the routine doors, like a standard bathroom, which have practical purposes but aren't particularly noteworthy. 
  • Close the exciting doors, like the master bedroom, which hold more visual appeal and create anticipation.  

Pre-opening the ‘routine’ doors will keep your virtual tour moving on-schedule. On the other hand, pre-closing the ‘exciting’ doors creates build up (tension) and excitement (releasing that tension). As you walk up to open the door to the master bedroom, the viewer must wait to see the inside. This ‘wait’ is then paid off by the beautiful master bedroom. It just makes the reveal that much more exciting, which in turn creates a better watching experience for the viewer.  

Strategically opening doors is far from the only way to optimize for a better viewing experience. For example, you can engage the senses to paint a vivid picture of life in the space...


Engage the Senses & Feel the Home

Highlight the tranquility of the neighborhood, perhaps noting the soft chirping of birds or the distant hum of the city. 

As you walk into the kitchen, suggest the aroma of a homecooked meal lingering around the dining area, evoking warmth and family. 

Showcase comfort spots like a plush window seat or a serene balcony—perfect for relaxation while reading a book or binging a Netflix show. 


The goal here is to encourage viewers to imagine their life in the place. By engaging the senses, you're already painting a vivid picture. You can take this a step further by making them feel like they’re walking through their future home by creating future memories. 


Future Memories in the Making

Future memories are powerful storytelling tools that help prospects visualize their potential life in your space. These could be created in each part of the home, like gathering with family at the dinner table or enjoying morning coffees on the balcony. Using these techniques will make the viewer feel immersed in a place where they can see themselves building a life, not just viewing another property. 

However, to ensure these memories are effectively conveyed, the technical quality of your video tour is just as important as the emotional appeal. 


Steady Shots Seal the Deal

A super shaky video can be disorienting, potentially undermining all the hard work you've put into planning. That’s why it’s crucial to have a steady hand to ensure your virtual tour is smooth and professional. 

To accomplish this, our final tip for today is to bend your knees slightly. This technique helps your body absorb movements rather than transferring them to your arms, resulting in a silky-smooth shot. Equally important is mastering the art of panning, which can further enhance the viewer's experience by providing a comprehensive view of the space 

Often, to capture the entire space in an apartment, you’ll need to move the camera side to side, a technique known as panning. When you pan, it's ideal to keep the phone on the same vertical level rather than moving it up and down. Achieving this can be challenging, but keeping your arms close to your body and moving your shoulders, rather than your arms, can go a long way in creating a smooth pan. 



Ready, Set, Tour! 

Creating an engaging virtual tour is an art that blends immersive storytelling with a touch of technical know-how. Each tour is an opportunity to create a vivid, inviting narrative that draws viewers in and makes them feel at home. With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to producing virtual tours that not only showcase properties but also tell a story that resonates with your audience. 


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Written by Tucker Tyree

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