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A Guide to Maximize Your Framing (for a Space) - Boot Camp Basics Ep. 103

Feb 12, 2024 1:00:00 PM / by Tucker Tyree

"Sales Mail Boot Camp Basics. Episode 103: Framing for the space." Clean background design on the right side; lamp, chair, shelves; pastel colors

Kicking off the 'Immaculate Scene Scheme', start by simply making sure your backdrop is crisp and clutter-free. A clean, professional background isn't just easy on the eyes; it ensures your message delivers without competition.

In this episode, we delve into the essentials of setting the perfect scene through strategic background choices, subtle branding integrations, and effective use of space to ensure your video stands out in the busiest of inboxes.

Whether you're a video messaging virtuoso or just starting to dip your toes in, these tips are your golden ticket to video mail that's not just seen but remembered. Let's dive in and make every video mail a masterpiece of engagement and connection!


How-To Framing (for a space):

Subtly weave your brand into the backdrop—think a logo on a mug or a poster on the wall. These elements do double duty as decor and brand ambassadors, effortlessly boosting recognition.

For an interactive touch, use a whiteboard to write your intro or key message; holding it up in the first three seconds creates a dynamic preview in your SalesMail, capturing attention right from the get-go. 

It's all about striking the perfect balance – minimalism meets brand identity, ensuring your video mail packs a professional punch while keeping it fun and engaging.


Stepping into the intermediate zone, it’s time to add some depth to your video... literally! 

Simply start by positioning yourself a bit further away from the back wall. This small adjustment separates you from the background, adding depth and focus to you as the speaker. 

For those working with limited space, getting depth requires a bit of creativity. Practically speaking, you can utilize vertical space by adjusting items at different heights in the background. For example, arranging shelves with items at different depths or using wall art variably spaced can add that desired 3D effect. 

By playing with perspective and arranging things cleverly, you can make even tight spaces look dynamic and engaging. It's all about using what you've got in smart ways to make sure your message stands out, making every video visually engaging, no matter the size of your room. 


Let's elevate your video presence with our advanced tip: color coordination. To ensure you're the focal point, pair your attire with your background thoughtfully. Choose a dark background if you're wearing light colors, or a light background for dark colors. This contrast is simple yet effective, drawing the viewer's attention directly to you.

Keep in mind, it's not just your clothes, but your hair color too, that needs to stand out against your background. Aim for a contrast that ensures your outfit and hair are clearly visible, putting you in the spotlight of the video. 

For a universally professional look, lean towards neutral background colors like beige, grey, or soft whites. These shades work with a wide array of clothing options, minimizing clashes and maintaining a polished appearance. 

I've been talking about color coordination, but surprise—it's all color theory! You're already getting the hang of it, way to go!

Color coordination is your first step into the vast world of color theory. Today's tips—contrasting your attire with the background—are just the basics to get you started. They're not strict rules but smart, easy ways to stand out and enhance your visual impact. Remember, it's about making small, thoughtful choices to boost your on-screen presence, laying the groundwork for better ways to connect with your audience. 

And there you have it—a guide to making your SalesMail videos not just seen, but memorable. Experiment with these tips, embrace the simplicity of impactful visuals, and transform your messages into captivating stories that resonate with your audience. Let's bring your video mail to life, one immaculate scene at a time.

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Tucker Tyree

Written by Tucker Tyree

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