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How to Look (and Feel) Confident on Camera - Boot Camp Basics Ep. 104

Mar 14, 2024 9:00:00 AM / by Tucker Tyree

"Sales Mail Boot Camp Basics. Episode 104: Camera Confidence." Woman holding her arm as if she is taking a selfie video + office backdrop on the right

Welcome to Boot Camp Basics, where we’re diving into the art of camera confidence so you can feel bold while you broadcast. 

Direct your gaze at the camera lens, not yourself. It might feel odd at first, especially in selfie mode, where the natural urge to watch your own movements is strong. But you can overcome that by flipping your phone around. You won't be able to see yourself, which might feel like flying blind. However, this forces you to focus on where the lens is, and as a bonus, the rear camera often records in higher quality.

From simple adjustments (like the lens gaze) to transformative practices (like a pre-recording ritual), your journey to bold broadcasting starts right here. Read or watch on to explore more empowering techniques for camera confidence.


How to Feel Confident on Camera

Beginner: Look Directly at the Lens

When you record in selfie mode, you can see yourself in the screen. Since our eyes are naturally attracted to movement, your eyes can get 'pulled down' away from the camera lens. Try counteracting this by flipping the phone around!

Worried about your Frame Game? Try Batching

If you flip your phone around, you won't know where you are on-screen. So before hitting record, do a few test shots, then review them to ensure you're perfectly in the frame. This might take some time to set up, so recording all your SalesMails while you have this configuration can help you speed through the process! This whole workflow is known as batching, when you record multiple pieces of content in one go.

Can't Flip the Phone?

If flipping your phone is not practical, a simple yet effective hack is to place a small sticker near the camera lens as a visual reminder. Or, for computer users, just look for the light next to your webcam and think, “Looook into the liiiiight.” It might take a bit to adjust, but these strategies will secure that confident eyeline.


Intermediate: Speak with a Smile

Elevating your on-screen vibe comes next - smile as you speak. Not a strenuous, all-teeth-showing grin, but a relaxed, comfortable smile. To some, this sounds like a piece of cake. Yet as many of you know, maintaining that smile might challenge your cheek muscles more than expected. To ease into it, consider practicing facial exercises to strengthen those smile muscles without turning it into a workout.


Advance with Confidence by Warming Up

Appearing confident is one thing; feeling it is another. Our advanced tip is to embrace a warm-up routine. Whether it’s humming your favorite tune, taking a brisk walk, or doing some shoulder rolls and neck stretches, the aim here is to relax your body and enhance your focus, which will foster a calm demeanor that translates through the screen.



The Journey to Camera Confidence

Gaining confidence in front of the camera is a journey of small, incremental steps. By focusing on your gaze, practicing a warm, inviting smile, and preparing your body and mind, you'll not only look but also feel more confident. If you find yourself struggling, remember, assistance is just a click away. Reach out for guidance and support to unlock your inner broadcaster and elevate your camera confidence.



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Tucker Tyree

Written by Tucker Tyree

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