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Batch Favorites: The Perfect Recipe for Sales Success! - Boot Camp Basics Ep. 105

Apr 16, 2024 11:00:00 AM / by Tucker Tyree

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In the kitchen, favorites are recipes we rely on time and again. At SalesMail, they are tools that streamline your process to enhance your efficiency and foster deeper connections with your prospects!

Much like the craft of baking, in sales, a little preparation goes a long way. With a pinch of planning and a dash of strategy, you can batch your outreach tasks, allowing you to serve up engaging content as easily as taking a perfectly baked cookie off the tray.

With our sales kitchen prepped and ready, today we're diving into two transformative strategies that promise to save you time while enhancing your interactions with both cold leads and warm prospects: Batching and SalesMail Favorites. 


Why Batching Could Be Your New Best Friend 

Batching is a strategy where you block out specific times to create content, allowing you to focus intensely and streamline your efforts. This approach minimizes setup time and lets you harness your creative energy effectively. 

Think about it: would you rather spend your day running back and forth between appointments and video shoots, or would you prefer a dedicated block where you produce all your content? The latter not only saves time but also prevents the fatigue of constant context switching. 

Pro tip: Use a checklist 

As much as batching is about saving time, it's also about maintaining quality across all your videos. To avoid common pitfalls—like poor lighting—creating a checklist is a game-changer. This ensures that every detail, from the backdrop to the script, is perfect, turning what could be a time-drain into a time-gain. 

  • Quiet area with professional background 
  • Lighting in front of you, not behind you 
  • Phone/camera has enough battery to record 
  • Whiteboard with message is ready-to-go 
  • Prepare any key messages or calls to action 
  • Quick quality test to ensure clear audio and video 



SalesMail Favorites: Your Video Library 

On the other hand, SalesMail Favorites is about working smarter, not harder. This feature allows you to record a video once and reuse it numerous times. Need to show off that newly renovated lobby or the sunset view from the balcony? Simply pull up your favorites and select the video. This method not only cuts down on redundant efforts but also helps you build a versatile library of go-to content.  

Pro Tip: Fill that Library Up! 

Over time, you can build a library of these go-to videos, making your outreach efforts both efficient and effective. Start by identifying common inquiries and scenarios, such as showcasing amenities like pools or fitness centers. Record videos for these frequently requested areas, ensuring each video is polished and personable. Regularly update your library with new content to keep it fresh, and title each of your videos to make them easily located. 

Strategic Advantage 

While personalized videos are essential for engaging prospects further along in the customer journey, favorites are perfect for initial contacts. They provide a quick, efficient way to respond to common inquiries. 



Making Favorited Videos Feel Personal 

It’s crucial, however, not to let the convenience of favorites replace the personal touch needed to warm leads up. Here's some tips to ensure your favorited videos still feel personal and engaging: 

  1. Start Strong: Use the first few seconds of your video to make a positive impression, which will show up in the email preview. Smile, wave, or use a whiteboard to draw attention and set a friendly tone. 
  2. Add a Personal Note: Always include a personalized message in your email when sending a SalesMail. It shows you care and are attentive to the specific needs of the recipient. 
  3. Showcase Enthusiasm: Let your genuine enthusiasm for your community shine through. Your passion is contagious and can turn a standard interaction into a memorable experience. 
  4. Check Your Call to Action: Ensure your CTA is relevant and specific to the recipient, enhancing the likelihood of a positive response. 
  5. Be Open to Rerecording: If a video is going to be used repeatedly, it pays to invest time in getting it just right. A little extra effort initially will save countless hours down the line. 

Investing time in perfecting one video might seem counterintuitive, but it pays off. A well-crafted video can be used repeatedly, so a little extra initial effort will save countless hours down the line. 



Ending on an Efficient Note 

Both batching and using SalesMail favorites are more than just time-saving tactics; they simplify your sales process so you can focus on what truly matters—connecting with your community.

Batching lets you swiftly handle follow-ups with warm prospects, while favorites can turn cold leads into warm connections through repeated, efficient interactions. 

Embrace these strategies and watch your productivity—and your sales—soar. Happy SalesMailing!



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Tucker Tyree

Written by Tucker Tyree

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