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Three Tips to Increase Employee Advocacy with Video Mail

Apr 13, 2022 9:00:00 AM / by Abbigail Madden

What’s the best way to optimize engagement on your corporate social media channels?  

One tried-and-true method is motivating employees to participate in liking, sharing, and commenting on posts. This strategy taps into the power of your employees’ personal networks, and offers a more humanized glimpse of your brand. With the credible perspectives of your employees, combined with a wider reach due to personal networks, engagement on your brand’s social channels can skyrocket.  

Successfully executing this strategy, however, is easier said than done.  

As a general rule, it is common for employers to struggle to get employees to engage with their corporate social media accounts. Typically, the reason for this lack of engagement is that employees want to keep their social media accounts as a personal space – separate from their workspace.  

In our opinion, the wrong approach to getting employees engaged with company social accounts is to demand that they like and share posts - or even make it a requirement in the position. This is not an effective long-term strategy, and we suggest a more lighthearted, fun, and incentive-driven approach.  

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So, how should you be encouraging your employees to engage with your corporate content? Our suggestion? Video mail! 

Video mail is the term for sending videos via email. By adding video to your team communication, you are displaying your personality and introducing a new medium that will break up the monotony of text that your employees so often receive via email. There is no other medium that can quickly and effectively communicate your message than video!  

Keep reading for three tips on how to get team members involved and make them feel empowered to be your company’s influencers on social media with video mail! 

#1 Tell Them Why Team Advocacy Matters 

No one likes to be told to do something without knowing why they are doing it. Therefore, you should ensure that your team knows why you want them to engage with your corporate social media accounts. And why should they? A few reasons include: 

  • Showcasing their role and skill set to a wider audience 
  • Growing their personal networks  
  • Highlighting the company’s diversity 
  • Putting a personal spin on corporate content 
  • Contributing to corporate initiatives beyond their job description   

Many corporate leaders suggest meeting with your team members to discuss social media best practices where the importance of social media advocacy is stressed – and we certainly agree.  

However, scheduling team meetings to discuss this matter over and over throughout the year can be difficult. That is where video mail will help. You can send casual video reminders via email refreshing employees on the importance of engaging with your corporate social accounts. Make sure to end these messages with expressions of gratitude to those who are engaging with your corporate content and how happy it makes you, as a leader, to have your team involved in the company’s social media presence.  

#2 Peek Behind the Curtain 

Some of the most engaging social media posts are those that give a little peek behind the curtain of your business. Sharing milestones, office celebrations, employee personalities, etc. is a fantastic way to drive up natural engagement from your followers and employees alike! 

Go the extra mile by encouraging your employees to share these milestones internally via video mail. Is it someone's five-year work anniversary? Encourage everyone in your company to send them congratulatory video messages. Then, you can collect these internal celebrations and share them on your corporate social accounts (with your employees’ consent, of course). Not only will this empower a strong internal bond with your team, but seeing themselves on your social accounts will make them feel even more included in your work family. This is one of the more effective ways to help employees become personally invested in your corporate social content!   

#3 Make Employees Experts 

There are more ways to include your team on your social media accounts than just sharing employee milestones and office events. Show off your employees’ skills! If they are on your team, then they should have the skills to discuss topics related to your business on your social media accounts.  

You can do just that with video mail. Here is a real-world scenario: 

You are the owner of a multifamily real estate company. One of your apartment managers at a specific location recorded and sent an awesome video mail virtual tour of a unit that is stellar! This video message has led to many successful move-ins to that complex. That apartment manager has demonstrated their expertise in personalized virtual tours with that successful video mail message. You share their successes with the video on your corporate social media accounts. 

Sharing a video mail message like the scenario above will elicit a ton of employee advocacy. Not only will your employees feel appreciated with this method, but when they share that content their networks will continue to interact with something featuring someone they know – and thus, the chain of engagement will continue to spread, resulting in a remarkably successful social post! 


There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to improve your employee advocacy and engagement on your corporate social media accounts. However, there are a wide range of options for promoting engagement and getting your employees more involved. And when you consider that content shared by employees sees eight times more engagement than content not shared by employees, it is definitely worth the extra time and effort.  

Among our three tips discussed here, the main solution we encourage is video mail! Video mail will help you with external employee engagement by strengthening internal interpersonal communication. To learn more about video mail, visit or check out some of our other articles on video mail

Abbigail Madden

Written by Abbigail Madden

Abbi is SalesMail's Social Media Manager. She knows a lot about all the various social media channels; but, TikTok is her favorite. Be sure to follow us on TikTok @HeartLegacyLLC